During many years of my work I designed and built many devices, here are some of them:

Battery devices (working up to 10 years on one battery), most often integrated with the antenna, communicate with the meter by wire and send data wirelessly. ISM, LoRA, Sigfox radio is used for wireless communication. The devices can also communicate directly with the cloud using GSM, LTE Cat M1 / NB2. The devices are tailored to cooperate with various meter manufacturers for various utilities: electricity, water, gas, heat.

Equipment included in the vehicle fleet monitoring system. They have a GNSS receiver, records: speed , driver's working time and fuel consumption. They have a built-in battery that allows autonomous operation. Communication with the system / cloud is via a GSM modem.

Hand and stationary dosimetry devices detecting the presence of radiation contamination: beta, gamma and neutron. Used at border crossings, scrap yards and smelters. These devices perform a simplified spectrum analyze that allows you to distinguish between a natural radiation source and pollution.

Measuring system for drilling equipment - mud logging. These devices record the drilling process while searching for kerosene, gas and thermal waters. A multi-module measuring device consisting of several dozen measuring channels: analog voltage and current inputs; fast digital inputs; from analog and digital outputs; with many communication ports.

Multi-channel and easily expandable measuring systems (analog and digital inputs, analog and digital outputs, multi-channel communication ports), with data recording modules. Systems has been implemented in three versions:
* miniature, based on the PC / 104 standard with ISA bus, cards as sandwiches
* euro cassettes with universal rear bus and slide-in measuring cards
* distributed system: central unit based on an industrial panel computer with distributed and remote measuring cards connected on a common bus.

Smart City systems and those falling under include Smart Home, Smart Grid, Internet of Things. Devices that perform measurements, controls, implement the schedule of activations, record events. These devices are connected to the cloud directly, via GSM or via a local Mesh.

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